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CRY CSR partner

With the introduction of mandatory Corporate Social Responsibility in the Companies Act 2015, CSR has become a key focus area for most companies. CRY meets the requirements of the Companies Act and has partnered with many companies enabling them to meet their CSR goals and create lasting change for children.

Your company can partner CRY through:

  • Direct Project Funding: Your Company can fund CRY supported projects working on education, health, child labour etc. that meet your CSR goals.CRY will be responsible for the Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting on the projects and ensuring compliance to the provisions of the Companies Act, 2015.

  • Cause Related Marketing: Your Company can partner CRY by using your marketing and social media channels in innovative ways to support CRY. Proceeds from sales of products or services can be donated to CRY, thus enabling your consumers to help create change for children as well as positioning your brand as socially responsible.

  • Pay Roll Giving: You can enable your colleagues to contribute towards changing children's lives by authorising an automatic deduction from their salary to CRY.

As a CRY donor who supports our work, CRY would like your help to initiate a CSR for Child Rights partnership with your company. Our Corporate Partnership executive can come and meet you and your colleagues to understand your CSR goals and suggest suitable partnership options.

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